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Why price on Blender Market is lower than on CG Trader?

It's because on CG Trader you're paying for more file formats (like .obj), but on Blender Market you only get .blend file.


Plants that match every interior


Plants Collection will help you to do your interiors faster!

Creating plants is really time consuming, on average you'll spend even 3-5 hours on doing single plant! You need to photograph, create texture and model it in 3D, I'm not even mentioning creating a pot.


In Plants Collection you can choose between 10 different plants and that's why they'll match every interior.


Easy to use

Just append it into your scene and hit render!


Time is a key

When rendering you want to have your render times as short as possible, that's why I optimize plants and pots meshes to be as simple as possible with preserved realism.


Materials of plants and pots are based on Blender newest "Principled Shaders" that's why it lookes so awesome!


Test it, before you buy!

DEMO Version contains 2 plants and cannot be used in commercial projects.


Your opinion is important to me

If you found a bug or you're not happy with your purchase, e-mail me, in the topic type "PC - (topic)", you can find my e-mail address in "Contact" subpage.

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