Where should you sell your 3D Models?

Selling your 3D Models online is really good start


There are a lot of marketplaces to choose from, but which one will be the best for you?

I'll be talking only about marketplaces that I know and had some experience with.


First one is CG Trader, It's my favorite marketplace, because of it's size, a lot of customers who are interested in Blender models and also the amazing community. I joined CG Trader around 1,5 year ago, I sold around 10 models at this time and it's not that bad score as you could think also royalty rate is high from every sale you get 70% and you can increase it by getting "reputation points". Other sellers are really helpful on a forum, there is also gallery and tutorials section, as I said it's the only marketplace with such a great community.

For near 2 years, I was selling on Turbosquid, but recently I left. I don't know if it's true but as a Blender artist, it's really hard to sell something on Turbosquid, in this 2 years I sold only 2 models. And yeah, I bet there are some Blender artists that made fortune, but in my opinion, I'll care about Turbosquid only if I were a 3ds Max artist. And talking about money, Turbosquidonly gives you 40% of every sale, and yes as on CG Trader you can increase this percentage by selling models or joining "SquidGuild". In brief "SquidGuild" is like an agreement between you and Turbosquid, which tells that you can't sell 3D Models elsewhere (I'm not 100% sure about it please someone selling on TS tells me if I'm right).

And the last marketplace, I'll be talking about is Blender Market. Blender Market is awesome, really cool thing about it, is that everyone can help Blender Foundation by giving some money from sold products. As an only Blender targeted site, it's really big (around 600K Views per month). I can't tell much about selling experience because at this time I didn't sell anything.


Final Thoughts

CG Trader - I really recommend this site, quite a lot of Blender customers, awesome community, and 70% revenue.

Turbosquid - From my experience, I don't recommend this site for Blender artists, only 40% revenue also aggressive politics.

Blender Market - 100% recommended, 70% revenue and 100% Blender!


Thanks for reading, tell me in the comments what are yours experiences with 3D markets?