My name is Matthew, I'm from Poland and I'm 18 years old, aspiring 3D Artist. I'm working at game development company "Soft-Pro". I'm spending my free time mostly in Blender, creating new artworks and products.

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How it all started

It was around 2013 I was playing a lot of video games at this time, really enjoying "Farming Simulator 2013" and then I thought: "How cool would it be to create my own modification for this game" (Like new tractor or even something easier). I searched something like "How to create a mod for fs13" and I found a video where someone was using "AC3D". I downloaded it, launched and... I quit after 5min, I thought "What a shitty software is this, I need to find something better" (I don't need to mention that only shitty thing was me) and I found.

I found "Blender", I saw this awesome works that people are doing with it and I downloaded "Blender" as fast as I could. I launched it and I saw a lot of buttons in English (at that time I wasn't really good at English). I was really confused but with some determination, I found "Add" button, I added a "Sphere". I looked down at this strange window, it was "Timeline", I even animated this Sphere to go up and down, well I even rendered this animation into ".mov" file, but... I exit "Blender", watched my animation and thought "It's too hard for me, It's stupid". I totally lost interest in 3D and creating mods.

After 2 years, when new "Farming Simulator 15" was released, I thought again about creating mods. I looked for other software and I found "3ds Max", I downloaded a trial version. I launched it and I tried to do something as always user interface looked really complicated. After a while, I quit and thought "Maybe I will try to find a video tutorial". I came across a website called "Strefa Kursów" (eng. Courses Zone). There was a "3ds Max" tutorial for beginner and intermediate, I bought both. It took me some time to watch it all, basically the first one was an introduction to modeling, texturing and rendering, but the second one was entirely about Architecture Visualization and I loved it.


One of my first models in "3ds Max".


Entire summer I was learning 3ds Max, I was so absorbed in what you can do in 3D, that I forget about my main reason in learning 3D graphics (creating a mod for FS game). I really liked how you can recreate real world on a computer.

 My last and probably the best work in 3ds Max.

My last and probably the best work in 3ds Max.

Sometime later when I went to high school, I met my friend Dominik, he really wanted to create a game. He saw my renders on Facebook and he asked if I want to help him in creating a game. I said yes because it was my dream too. He asked if I can use 3ds Max, I said "No, because it's really expensive software", so he asked if I could try Blender. I was skeptical (from my previous contact with Blender I thought it can't be as good as really expensive software like 3ds Max), but what can I lose? (I really wanted to create this game)

 I started to like Blender more and more, I created this after watching some tutorial on how to set image background.

I started to like Blender more and more, I created this after watching some tutorial on how to set image background.

I was creating some assets for our game but I wasn't enjoying it as much as recreating the real world and creating architecture. After few months I resigned from creating the game and started to learn cycles rendering engine. I also saw a video about selling 3D models online and I started selling models online.

And that's my story, I'm so happy that I found Blender it's the best thing I came across in my life!